SOLD in 15 Minutes!!!!

Posted by Kevin Vibert // January 13, 2018

Our fastest deal to date for sure! Having knowledge of the area and the demand for multi-families, with quick thinking of an investor that we were sure would be interested…Boom!

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WHY I Love What I Do Everyday!

Posted by Kevin Vibert // December 17, 2017

This home (largely because of the family we helped and became friends with) will always be my favorite and my inspiration for why I do this every day. 

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The Real Cost of Un-Permitted Home Improvements

Posted by Kevin Vibert // October 6, 2017

Every house has the potential to make money with the right improvements. However, unpermitted improvements can result in a lot of trouble in the long run.

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5 Worst Home Improvements

Posted by Kevin Vibert // November 10, 2015

Some can do wonders for creating profits and helping homes to sell faster and for top dollar, while others end up costing homeowners and real estate investors a ton of money.

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Baby Boomers And Home Equity

Posted by Kevin Vibert // September 10, 2015

A growing number of top financial minds are calling on Americans to wake up to a better way of thinking about their home equity. Top economists recognize that retiring unprepared is the number one threat to the world today.

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Top 10 Reasons You Are Searching “Sell My House Fast” Part 2

Posted by Kevin Vibert // August 17, 2015

As “Part 2” would suggest, this is a continuation from our last blog post which listed the first half of the most common reasons a home, in particular your home, may not be selling. If you missed 10 through 6, you can click here to catch up. A quick reminder: 10) Going it alone without […]

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Top 10 Reasons You Are Searching “Sell My House Fast” Part 1

Posted by Kevin Vibert // August 7, 2015

Real estate has always fascinated me, and it is a never-ending educational process as markets change and morph due to so many factors. Two homes on the market, similar in features; lets say built in 1890, original woodwork, odd-shaped rooms, aging heating system, no AC, overgrown yard. Windows much like the one I fell in […]

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The ROI on Education

Posted by Kevin Vibert // July 22, 2015

When trying to ” sell my house fast “, how much research goes into your choices ? Do you rely on the reputation of a brand to provide qualified professionals, or are you paying extra for the advertising ? If you are among many who have become skeptical on industries such as real estate, how […]

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Do You Know Where Your Property Is?

Posted by Kevin Vibert // June 23, 2015

One would think the answer would be “Of course”. Unfortunately for some residents in Hartford, CT. this was not the case. Residents in historic brick townhouses along Buckingham Street recently learned their front yards are actually city owned. The fencing around the green space in front of the condominiums would give anyone the impression the […]

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To Stage or Not To Stage – The Value of Staging Homes

Posted by Kevin Vibert // June 16, 2015

When this little blurb caught my eye: “And get this: The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA), which surveyed brokers and agents, found that 82% of home buyers are likely to be distracted from important issues when they go through a staged home. These buyers not only fall for the house, but potentially overpay.” […]

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